My name is Valery, I'm a graphic designer, I live and work in Moscow. I was engaged in design almost from birth and began my career at one of the first advertising agencies in Moscow, where I got a job as an assistant designer and eventually became an art director. During the dot-com boom years, I began to design websites and worked for large Internet companies. Then a design studio and publishing house of the district newspaper.. At some point, I started working for myself and am now at freelance.
Since childhood, I was engaged in design. Friends appreciated my hand-made game "Monopoly" above the original. My first job was in a printing house, where I met in the first typesetting programs. Then I got an internship at one of the first advertising agencies in Moscow - Sasha Advertising Group, and worked there for several years, ending my career in it as an art director.

In the beginning of the 2000s, there was a boom in house-coms, and I started making sites. The first sites for banks, online stores, modeling agencies and the fashion and entertainment industry. At Gorod-Info, a major Internet aggregator, I worked with important clients: Sony, Megafon, Severstal, Capital Group and others.

Then for six years I worked as a leading designer at the Lin-Art design studio, and tired of traveling to Moscow, I decided to switch to freelance. Since the beginning of the 2010s, I worked remotely, made websites and corporate identity. Unfortunately, I cannot publish many works under the NDA.
In 2017, I was attracted as an art director for the redesign of the district newspaper Zelenograd.

Now I am a freelancer, periodically find interesting orders, do a little bit of everything - graphic design, printing and websites, advise on design issues.

I am open to interesting projects, please contact!
Good design is obvious.
Great design is transparent.
– Joe Sparano
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